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Motorcycle Insurance

In Utah, you must carry the minimum liability insurance on your motorcycle to operate it on the state roads and highways.

What is the Minimum Liability Insurance for Motorcycles?

The minimum amount of liability insurance you must maintain on your motorcycle is expressed as 25/65/15. This means that you need $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person per each accident, $65,000 in bodily injury liability when more than one person is injured, and $15,000 property damage liability. These types of liability insurance only pay for injuries or damages to others that you cause in an accident, but they do not address your losses.

What are Other Types of Motorcycle Insurance in Utah?

You can purchase additional insurance from CN Insurance Associates, Inc. to make sure that your losses are compensated to you after an accident. Personal injury protection will pay for your medical bills after an accident, no matter who is found at fault. You can purchase collision insurance to pay for damages to your motorcycle in a wreck, which you are at fault. Comprehensive coverage can pay for damages to your bike by anything other than a collision. Comprehensive insurance covers theft, vandalism, hail, and storm damages and flying objects that may hit your bike. Towing and labor insurance is always reasonable to have because, quite often, after an accident, your motorcycle is disabled mechanically. Towing and labor generally also covers roadside assistance in the case that you break down and need to be towed to a repair shop.

At CN Insurance Associates, Inc., we understand that it can be confusing as to how much extra insurance you need for your motorcycle. We are here to help you with this. You can visit our office in Utah or call us so that we can get you fully insured and reassure your confidence. We can answer all motorcycle-related insurance questions quickly and help you get a quote.